Immortalize your story together


Officiante cérémonie laïque Nantes

The secular ceremony

To share with authenticy your story, my goal is to get to know you more than your friends! Through my questionnaires and our different appointements, you will tell me about your story, your past, your dreams… I really want to build an affinity with you in order to share with sincerity the link that binds you two together
This ceremony is a moment out of time for you but also for the one you love who came to celebrate your wedding.
During your ceremony, some of your relatives may want to put the spotlight on your love and the love they feel about your both through a speech. It’s not always easy to put words on feelings and emotions. That’s why, in my support, I offer to help your relatives writting their speech

Cérémonie laïque Angers


my support

Eloïse, wedding celebrant in Angers, Laval, Nantes and in Brittany helps you to celebrate all your events

Weddings, PACS, baptism,…all these occasions can be celebrate with a secular ceremony 

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