Officiante de cérémonie laïque Angers

Hello !

I'm Eloïse!

I always loved to tell stories !
This, is the reason why I decided to work in communication 6 years ago!
I love speaking with passionate business ownerd and creating content to share my client’s stories.
Working for clients in the wedding industry, I came across the wedding celebrant position and instantly fell in love with this role.  Meeting bride and groom to be, getting to know them. Sharing their story – the real one – on the most important day of their lives, surrounded by all the ones they love.
That is just wonderful!
Eloïse, officiante de cérémonie laïque Laval

By your side to create an unforgettable moment

If writting was already part of my daily work, it mattered to me to find a meaning in my writtings. To write your most beautiful stories and not just content for social medias. After I fell in love with the wedding celebrant role, it was essential for me to get trained. That’s what I did with the famous wedding celebrant “BurdiMillion” in 2022. 

Getting to help you with your ceremony is a real privilege for me. By climbing on board of this adventure, I promess you a lot of emotions, laughts but also some unforgettable memories. This ceremony is the unique moment to celebrate your love but also the love you have for all your guests! My role is to help you doing it with sincerity and authenticy.

3 essentials values for me

(that you will find in my support) 




Eloïse, wedding celebrant in Angers, Laval, Nantes and in Brittany helps you to celebrate all your events

Weddings, PACS, baptism,…all these occasions can be celebrate with a secular ceremony 

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